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Jane Lee

  Jane Lee (30 Nov 2007)

Jane Lee (51) was stabbed to death by her estranged husband, Robert Lee (51). Lee had been released on bail for an earlier strangulation attack on Mrs Lee. Robert Lee has been sentenced to Life imprisonment, with a minimum of 19 years. Lee had a history of being violent towards previous partners, and serious questions should be raised as to why the legal system would release such a violent man after the earlier attack.

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Monika Szmecht

Monika Szmecht (21)  Monika Szmecht (11 June 2007)

21 year old waitress Monika Szmecht was stabbed, set alight, and stabbed again by jealous ex-boyfriend Anthony Clarke (27). Before succumbing to her fatal injuries, Ms Szmecht managed to crawl 150 yards to a nearby cottage and name her attacker. Two other men were involved in Ms Szmecht’s kidnap and murder, both pled to lesser charges as the trial began. Clarke’s best friend, Philip Savin (29), helped to abduct Ms Szmecht, and along with Clarke’s uncle, David Clarke (46), both obstructed the murder investigation and disposed of evidence, both receiving very light sentences for their involvement (particularly Savin, who was on the run for a £26,000 theft from a lorry. Anthony Clarke has been jailed for a minimum 25 years. Clarke’s jealousy was completely unfounded.

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Tracey Grinhaff

Tracey Grinhaff (42)  Tracey Grinhaff (02 May 2008 )

Mother of two daughters (ages 14 and 4) Tracey Grinhaff (42) was murdered by her husband, Gary Grinhaff who died shortly afterwards of self-inflicted injuries. Mrs Grinhaff was in the process of separating from her husband.

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Alison Lumsden

Alison Lumsden (53)  Alison Lumsden (16 Mar 2005)

Alison Lumsden (53) was stabbed over 30 times in her home by her husband, Christopher Lumsden (52).  Only five days before she was murdered, she told Lumsden she wished to end the marriage. Lumsden denied murder, but pled guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to five years. He is now out of jail, serving half the sentence including time spent awaiting trial. Lumsden was a managing partner at international law firm Pinsent Masons, but has since been disbarred. Alison Lumsden leaves behind two children, Thomas (20) and Kate (17).

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Ryan Hawkins

Ryan Hawkins (4)  Ryan Hawkins (Sep 2007)

Ryan Hawkins (4) was stabbed to death by his father, Christopher Hawkins (47). The fatal stabbing of Ryan, and attempted murder of his elder sister, Donna (14), was committed on the 17th wedding anniversary of his marriage to estranged-wife, Valerie Gee. Ms Gee had left the marriage in May of 2007. The revenge attack was pre-meditated, planned to occur on Ryan’s birthday. Hawkins was sentenced to 21 years.

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Liam Hogan

Liam Hogan, sister Mia, and mother
Liam Hogan (6, died 15 Aug 2006) pictured with his sister Mia (then 2) who survived, and their mother Natasha

After an argument with his wife Natasha Hogan, John Hogan (33) took his two children onto the balcony of the holiday hotel in Crete, then pushed them off before jumping himself. Liam (6) died from head injuries as a result of the fall. Mia (then 2) survived with broken bones, as did John Hogan.

Hogan was put on trial in Crete and cleared of murder in January 2008, and is set to return to the UK soon. His ex-wife Natasha, now remarried and known as Mrs Visser, has called the preceedings in Crete a miscarriage of justice. At the UK inquest into Liam’s death, several witnesses have testified to the events of that evening, recalling that Hogan pushed the two children off the balcony, then leapt himself.

In a disturbing report, the psychiatrist treating John Hogan said his ex-wife (Natasha Visser) should be thinking about her own part in the story instead of blaming him. This is a most outrageous and unjust bit of woman-blaming.

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Tina Longworth

[No photo available]

Tina Longworth was strangled on 08 January 1997 by her husband, Paul Simon Longworth (then 37), who then hung her body over a bannister in order to make it look like she had committed suicide. After murdering his wife, Longworth went to the local club for drinks in order to establish an alibi. Suspicions were aroused when it was revealed at autopsy that Mrs Longworth had 36 separate injuries on her body. Mrs Longworth had also accused her husband of raping her, and Longworth had even admitted to a friend that he had hit her. Tina Longworth left behind two children, Abby (then seven) and Matthew (then five), who were sleeping nearby at the time of their mother’s murder.

Longworth was sentenced to Life, with a minimum tariff of 14 years. A High Court ruling means he can asked to be freed in 2011.

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Fiona May Erickson

Fiona May Erickson Fiona May Erickson (July 2007)

Fiona Erickson (47) a mother of two, had been dragged out of a vehicle driven by her husband, Andrew Erickson (then 45), after an argument. Horrified witnesses told how Erickson then drove around the roundabout, and ran over his wife as she lay on the road. Erickson admitted to manslaughter ‘due to provocation’ (which was rejected at sentencing) and was sentenced to seven years for her murder.

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Angela Parkes

[No photo available]

Angela Parkes (49)  was stabbed to death by her husband of 28 years, Christopher Parkes (49). Parkes denies remembering stabbing his wife multiple times, but has been found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to six years. The family, although supportive of Parkes, are dissatisfied with the sentence.

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Rebecca Morgan

Rebecca Morgan  Rebecca Morgan (July 2007)

Mother of two, Rebecca Morgan (34), was stabbed by her husband, Steven Morgan (47) at their home. Morgan allowed Rebecca to bleed to death after the stabbing. The stabbing occurred after an argument.  At the time of writing, Morgan has been found guilty of her murder, and awaits sentencing.

UPDATE: Morgan has been sentenced to Life, with a minimum of 13 and a half years. See third article below.

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Agnes Raffan

[No photo available]

Agnes Raffan (58) was fatally stabbed in her home on 16 September 2007, by her husband, Peter Raffan (49). Raffan had been worried about repossession of the house, and blamed his wife for mis-managing the family finances. He plead guilty of culpable homicide on the basis of diminished responsibility and was sentenced to eight years.

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Jane Wheatley & Gary Gardiner

Jane Wheatley (34) & Gary Gardiner (46) 
Jane Wheatley & Gary Gardiner (5 Nov 2007)

Jane Wheatley (34) and Gary Gardiner (46) were both found stabbed to death at her home in Sheffield on 5 November (Guy Fawkes night). Police were called to a disturbance at the house and made the discovery, arresting 51yo David Mirfin at the scene. Ms Wheatley has a three year old son (unconfirmed, but reported he was in the home at the time).

It appears that Ms Wheatley had separated from her partner (probably Mirfin) about a year before, and had since started a relationship with Mr Gardiner. There had been frequent disturbances at the premises involving the three of them. It is unknown if Mirfin is the father of the three year old boy.

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Evelyn Lund

Evelyn Lund (52)  Evelyn Lund (29 Dec 1999)

Britons Evelyn and Robert Lund met in 1994, and later moved to France to live. Evelyn Lund was the ‘wealthy’ widow of a property tycoon, Robert Lund was living in a caravan. On 1 January 2000, Lund reported his wife missing — with a story that she must have driven into the water after drinking with friends on 29 December. The two/three day gap between her ‘disappearance’ and his reporting her missing would have alerted even the most inexperience police officer of foul play.

Evelyn Lund’s body was found in her car 22 months after she went missing. The most damning evidence included lack of water in her lungs (indicating she had died prior to entering the water) and that the glasses she needed to drive were at the farmhouse.

Robert Lund was finally brought to trial in October 2007, and sentenced to 12 years for the murder of his wife. The primary motive for the murder seems to have been for financial gain.

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Diane Ingram

Diane Ingram (61)  Diane Ingram (13 Mar 2007)

Diane Ingram, 61 and mother of four, was brutally stabbed to death in an horrific attack and died on 13 March 2007. She had been married to Harold ‘Jim’ Ingram for over 40 years, and the day after she was murdered, was due to receive a £133,000 divorce settlement. Jim Ingram went on the run for several months, but is now currently on trial for her murder.

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Dorothy Carre

Dorothy Carre (56)  Dorothy Carre (Mar 1999)

The remains of Dorothy Carre (54) were discovered in February 2007 in the cellar of her last known address, eight years after she went missing. She had been abused during the four year relationship with Frederick Lawlor (54).

At the time Lawlor was charged and convicted of her murder, he was already incarcerated for a string of child rape offences, as well as having a history of a violent attacks on former girlfriends. Lawlor’s sentence was Life, with a minimum of 17 years, to run concurrently with his current child abuse sentence. I really have to question why the concurrent sentencing — Lawlor is a proven danger to females of all ages — he should NEVER be released.

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Christine Johnson

Christine Johnson (14 Aug 1998 ) [No photo available]

Christine Johnson was ambushed and attacked with CS gas and fatally stabbed by former boyfriend Owen Ernest Palmer (then a 50yo police constable), in her garden in Norwich. Palmer could not accept the break up of the relationship. Palmer currently remains in jail, with a perpetual life sentence, and a minimum 14 years.

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Rebecca Rice

Rebecca Rice (18)  Rebecca Rice (04 Aug 2006)

Rebecca (18), an aspiring model, was stabbed to death in the flat she shared with live-in boyfriend Stuart Adcock (34), after she told him she wished to end the relationship.

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Nathan Tamar

Nathan Tamar (15 months)  Nathan Tamar (31 Aug 2006)

Nathan Tamar, 15 months, died from stab wounds inflicted by his father, Mokhtar (aka Robert) Tamar (48). Nathan’s mother, Rachel Jones (40) had recently separated from the 12 year relationship with Tamar after he had started drinking heavily. On the evening of 31 August, Tamar first attacked Ms Jones with a hammer, then taking their son into his flat, stabbed Nathan several times resulting in Nathan’s death. Tamar then stabbed himself and died from self inflicted wounds.

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Caitlin & Aiden Samuel

Caitlin Samuel (5) & Aiden Samuel (3)
   Caitlin & Aiden Samuel (05 Nov 2006) 

Catlin Samuel (5) and her brother Aiden Samuel (3) were found drowned at their home on Sunday. Caitlin and Samuel’s parents were separated, and their father Perry Samuel, who was babysitting the pair, was the only person in the home at the time.

Perry Samuel has been arrested and has now been charged with murder.

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Joanne Nelson

Joanne Nelson (22)  Joanne Nelson (13 Feb 2005) 

Joanne Nelson (22) was strangled by her boyfriend Paul Dyson (31), on 13th or 14th February 2005, after an argument over housework (one report does indicate that the argument may have been over splitting up). Dyson then drove 100 miles to dispose of Joanne’s body and made an elaborate cover up of her disappearance, including an emotional appeal on television. Dyson had a history of violence towards women, and had attacked his former wife on their wedding night – strangling her to the point of unconsciousness on that occasion.

Dyson eventually pled guilty to Joanne’s murder, and was sentenced to life imprisonment, with a minimum of 16 years.

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Caneze Riaz & daughters

Caneze Riaz (39)  Caneze Riaz (01 Nov 2006)

Sayrah Riaz (16)  Sophia Riaz (15)  Alicia Riaz (10)
Sayrah (16), Sophia (15), Alicia (10), Hannah (3) – no picture available.

Caneze Riaz (39) and her four daughters, Sayrah (16), Sophia (15), Alicia (10) and Hannah (3) all died from smoke inhalation in their beds on 1 November 2006, in Accrington, Lancashire. Investigators had quickly assessed that the fire was deliberately lit (accelerants used, and the fire started at multiple locations), and that the house had been locked from the inside. The only other occupant in the house, who was found in the bathroom was husband Mohammed Riaz (49), who died two days later in hospital from his injuries. The only surviving member of the family is Adam Riaz (17) who was in hospital receiving treatment for Leukaemia.

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Amelia ‘Millie’ Hall

Millie Hall (3)
   Amelia ‘Millie’ Hall (29 Nov 2005)

Amelia Hall (known as Millie) was murdered by her father just two days before her fourth birthday. Whilst this tragic story is unusual for the Domestic Violence Memorial, it is included as the motivations are the same as for many cases of domestic violence, that of jealousy and revenge. Millie was murdered by Hall to punish his wife for her infidelity.

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Jacqueline Queen

Jacqueline Queen (39)  Jacqueline Queen (30 Nov 2005)

Jacqueline’s battered body was found wrapped in a sheet by a person walking their dog. The pathologist who testified at the murder trial of James Seaton (46) said that Jacqueline (39) had suffered many serious injuries before her death (including injuries inflicted with a hammer and a 12″ knife), and that she may also have been alive but unconscious when Seaton attempted to saw off her head. Seaton then wrapped Jacqueline in a sheet, put her in a wardrobe and called his brother (John, 37) to help dispose of Jacqueline’s body. The pair later dumped Jacqueline on a grass verge in East Finchley, London where she was discovered by the dogwalker.

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Julie Hogg

Julie Hogg (22)  Julie Hogg (16 Nov 1989) 

Under the changes to the double jeopody law, Billy Dunlop, 43 has been jailed for life for the murder of Julie Hogg in 1989. She was aged just 22 when she was murdered, and had had a brief relationship with Dunlop.

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Chamlong Allen

Chamlong Allen  Chamlong Allen (27 April 2005)

Before her death Chamlong had told friends that her husband Irvin had beaten her in the past and that she was thinking of returning to her native Thailand. She had already left her husband several months before her murder, which was two days before a custody hearing about their three daughters. Chamlong received multiple stab wounds and her body was left in a lock-up garage. Her husband stood trial for her murder in February 2006, and was found not guilty of her murder due to lack of evidence. Irvin Allen was 6’5″, a former boxer and Bond-film actor.

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Rachel & Lillian Entwistle

Rachel Entwistle (27) and Lillian (9mths)
   Rachel & Lillian Entwistle (20 January 2006)

Rachel, an American, met her future husband (and murderer) whilst studying in the UK. Rachel, 27, and her nine month old daughter, Lillian, were shot in bed in the early hours of the 20th of January at their Massachusetts home. Neil Entwistle fled the US to the UK, where he was arrested. Although he initially refused to voluntarily return to the US to face the murder charges, he later agreed to return just a few hours after the extradition papers had been completed. He is currently awaiting trial in the US, where DNA and other evidence will be presented.

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Hayley Richards

Hayley Richards (23)  Hayley Richards & unborn child (5 June 2005)

Hayley Richards, 23, was murdered in her flat in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, in June 2005. She was murdered by her boyfriend of 10 months, 25 year old Hugo Quintas, who fled to Spain after the murder. He was subsequently brought back to the UK, tried and found guilty of Hayley’s murder and was sentenced to life in prison.

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Julie Harris

JULIE HARRIS [No photo available] (19 October 2004)

Julie Harris, 41, of River Leys, Cheltenham, had been subjected to 14 months of harassment by Andrew Millard. When Mrs Harris rang 999 to have him arrested, she was told the police had “other commitments”. Millard, 42, of Tewkesbury, admitted manslaughter, but denied murder in October 2004. Millard was found guilty (April 2005) and sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum tariff of 18 years.

During the trial, the court heard a chilling 999 call of Julie’s last moments as she screamed over and over again. Millard could be heard on five occasions shouting that he was “going to kill her.” Her 19-year-old daughter and boyfriend, who were both in the house, ran out and phoned the police.

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Tania Moore

Tania Moore (26)  Tania Moore showjumping
   Tania Moore (29 March 2004). The picture taken of Tania
   showjumping was two months before she was murdered.

Tania first met Mark Dyche at a Young Farmer’s Ball in 2002. Tania broke off her engagement to him in February 2003 as he was already two-timing her with one of her friends. It was after this that Dyche began his hate-campaign against Tania, which included threatening text messages and a hired assault that left her in hospital. She then stayed in London and it became obvious that he was monitoring her movements. On New Year’s Eve 2003, in a packed pub, Dyche threatened to kill her (which was reported to police). The night of her murder, which was carefully planned by Dyche, he bought a car, took a concealed route, and ran her car off the road on a country lane. Before Tania could get out of the car, he broke the driver’s side window and then shot her in the head. Ten years earlier Dyche had also threatened to kill his wife. Dyche received a life sentence for murdering Tania, but plans to appeal.

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Vicky Horgan & Emma Walton

Vicky Horgan (27) & Emma Walton (25)
   Vicky Horgan & Emma Walton (6 June 2004)

Vicky (27) and her sister Emma (25) were shot at a family barbeque by Vicky’s estranged husband, Stuart Horgan, who had a history of domestic violence that had been reported to the police. Vicky & Emma’s mother, Jacqueline, was seriously injured during the rampage and survived. Vicky leaves behind two daughters.

Several weeks after the murders, Stuart Horgan committed suicide whilst on remand in HMP Woodhill, Buckinghamshire.

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Julia & Will Pemberton

The Pemberton Family
   Julia & Will Pemberton (18 November 2003)

The Pemberton family photograph, although Julia suffered domestic abuse for most of her married life.

More details to come.