Evelyn Lund

Evelyn Lund (52)  Evelyn Lund (29 Dec 1999)

Britons Evelyn and Robert Lund met in 1994, and later moved to France to live. Evelyn Lund was the ‘wealthy’ widow of a property tycoon, Robert Lund was living in a caravan. On 1 January 2000, Lund reported his wife missing — with a story that she must have driven into the water after drinking with friends on 29 December. The two/three day gap between her ‘disappearance’ and his reporting her missing would have alerted even the most inexperience police officer of foul play.

Evelyn Lund’s body was found in her car 22 months after she went missing. The most damning evidence included lack of water in her lungs (indicating she had died prior to entering the water) and that the glasses she needed to drive were at the farmhouse.

Robert Lund was finally brought to trial in October 2007, and sentenced to 12 years for the murder of his wife. The primary motive for the murder seems to have been for financial gain.

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