Angela Parkes

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Angela Parkes (49)  was stabbed to death by her husband of 28 years, Christopher Parkes (49). Parkes denies remembering stabbing his wife multiple times, but has been found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to six years. The family, although supportive of Parkes, are dissatisfied with the sentence.

This is Lancashire (06 Mar 2008 )

Wife killer accused breaks down in court

A Blackpool man accused of murdering his wife broke down as he told a jury today he could not remember hurting her.

Christopher Parkes insisted he would never have intended to hurt his wife Angela, but despite trying to recall, he simply could not remember the fatal incident.

The 49-year-old is on trial at Preston Crown Court where he denies murdering his 49-year-old wife at their home in Houseman Place, Blackpool, in May last year.

Giving evidence, he told the court he really wanted to remember what took place at the time.

“I have said since the start of all this happening that I would be hypnotised, doctors can drug me.

“It is for the children. Their lives have been destroyed and it might help them to gain strength”.

Angela Parkes, a civil servant, died after suffering two stab wounds to the heart, as well as other wounds to the neck, chin and arms.

The court has heard the couple married in 1979 and went on to have three children.

The defendant said he adored his wife.

He said that on the date in May last year, his wife had said: “I’m not going out with you because you are slurring your words”.

This was while he was at the bottom of the stairs and she was on the stairs at home.

The next thing he remembered was seeing his wife on the kitchen floor.

In response to questions from his counsel, Mr John Bromley-Davenport QC, Parkes shook his head to indicate he could not remember how she got there or using a knife.

“I can’t remember,” he added.

Mr Bromley-Davenport then asked him “Can you think whether you had any intent to harm or kill her?”.

The defendant responded: “I can’t remember hurting her.

“I would never intend to hurt Angela. I wouldn’t want to hurt Angela for the world. I love her so much”.

The defendant said he had tried every day to remember what happened.

Last night, before giving evidence, he thought he remembered, for the first time, Angela saying something about twenty pounds being missing.

He added that he could remember being in a police van after the events, but could not recall telling police at the station “I’m a murderer.

“I have murdered my wife”.

The trial continues.

The Blackpool Citizen (11 Mar 2008 )

Man jailed for manslaughter of wife

A Blackpool father-of-three who claimed he couldn’t remember stabbing his wife has been cleared of murder by a jury at Preston crown court.

But 49-year-old Christopher Parkes of Houseman Place, Blackpool, was found guilty of manslaughter on a majority verdict and was jailed for six years.

The Judge Mr Justice David Clarke said it was a totally one-off event and remained unexplained.

But although short lived, it was a ferocious and very violent attack.

At a previous trial, the jury had been unable to reach a verdict.

Parkes’ wife Angela, a 49-year-old civil servant, suffered two stab wounds to the heart at the family home in May last year. She also had other wounds to the neck, chin and arms.

Parkes, who works for a gas company, broke down as he told the jury he could not recall the attack and insisted he would never have intended to hurt his wife.

The court heard that the couple married in 1979 and Parkes said he adored his wife.

He told the jury he remembered seeing her on the kitchen floor but not how she got there.

The Blackpool Citizen (12 Mar 2008 )

Family of man who killed wife release statement

The family of a Blackpool father-of-three who was this week jailed for six years after being found guilty of the manslaughter of his wife.

The 49-year-old claimed he couldn’t remember stabbing wife Angela, also 49, in May last year, was cleared of murder by a jury at Preston crown court.

Today the Parkes family released this statement: “This has been an extremely harrowing and trying time for our family, as we have tried to come to terms with the sudden death of our mother, after our parents had had such a long and happy time together.

“We are pleased that the trial process is now over and that dad has accepted that he did wrong and was responsible for mum’s death.

“We would like to thank all our family and friends for their support and help through this difficult time.

“Our mum was a very special person to us and everyone who knew her.

No jail sentence, no matter how long, can ever bring her back into our lives.

“We know that the sentence of 6 years passed on dad is in line with sentencing rules, but also feel, as a family, that it does not properly reflect our loss or the terrible way in which she died.

“In our view this punishment is not one that reflects the severity of the crime, or the full nature of our loss.

“We have lost our mum forever; we would ask now to be left alone to re-build our lives and become the family she always wanted us to be.”

Christopher Parkes  Christopher Parkes (49) sentenced to six years


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