Jacqueline Queen

Jacqueline Queen (39)  Jacqueline Queen (30 Nov 2005)

Jacqueline’s battered body was found wrapped in a sheet by a person walking their dog. The pathologist who testified at the murder trial of James Seaton (46) said that Jacqueline (39) had suffered many serious injuries before her death (including injuries inflicted with a hammer and a 12″ knife), and that she may also have been alive but unconscious when Seaton attempted to saw off her head. Seaton then wrapped Jacqueline in a sheet, put her in a wardrobe and called his brother (John, 37) to help dispose of Jacqueline’s body. The pair later dumped Jacqueline on a grass verge in East Finchley, London where she was discovered by the dogwalker.

Jacqueline had broken up with Seaton, and had said she was leaving him for another woman. The frenzied attack leading to Jacqueline’s death happened at Seaton’s flat. Seaton has been found guilty of murder, despite pleas of diminished responsibility of mental illness, and lack of responsibility due to drinking. Seaton’s brother John was found guilty of perverting the cause of justice. Seaton is expected to get a life sentence for Jacqueline’s murder.

This story has not received wide coverage by the major national news sources, and has mainly been covered by the gay/lesbian and local/regional press.

From Pink News (12 Oct 2006)


A killer who nearly sawed his former lover’s head off after she told him she was leaving him for a woman has been found guilty of murder.

James Seaton, 46, is expected to be handed a life sentence for the murder of Jacqueline Queen last November.

Seaton, from East Finchley, North London, attacked her with a hammer and a 12-inch knife after hearing he was being dumped for a woman, the court heard.

Then after wrapping the body in sheets and hiding it in the wardrobe he asked his brother to help move the piece of furniture, the jury was told.

Unfortunately for him the body fell out.

His brother, John Seaton, helped dump the body and then reported the incident to police.

He is charged with perverting the course of justice and will be sentenced along with his brother tomorrow.

The jury rejected claims that James Seaton was suffering from a mental illness.

Detective Inspector John Nicholson told the Edgware and Mill Hill Times, “I am pleased the jury recognised that James Seaton was neither provoked into his violent actions nor suffering from such abnormality of mind that he could claim the defence of diminished responsibility.”

From UK Gay.com (13 Oct 2006)


A city man faces a life sentence after murdering and nearly beheading his ex-lover after she told him she was a lesbian.

John Seaton, 35, of Tyrill, Stantonbury and his brother James Seaton, 45, of Thorpedale Road, Finsbury Park, London, appeared at Snaresbrook Crown Court last week.

John Seaton is charged with the murder of Jacqueline Queen, 39, and conspiring to pervert the course of justice.

Queen’s body was recovered by the police after it was dumped in Finchley on November 30 in 2005.

Seaton killed Queen by attacking her with a knife and hammer when she told him that she had fallen in love with another woman. He nearly severed her head in a vicious knife attack.

Prosecutor Brian Altman told the Jury that “(Seaton) simply refused to believe it when Miss Queen said she was a lesbian and was seeing someone else.”

“The defendant refused to believe that she no longer wanted him.”

In court, Seaton claimed he was suffering from mental illness when the attack took place. The jury dismissed Seaton’s excuse.

He also claimed he had been drinking too much to be held accountable.

Police testified that Seaton admitted he went to his brother’s house after the murder, asking for help to move a wardrobe.

When the men attempted to move the wardrobe, Queen’s body fell out. The brother helped dump the body but then got home and called police, leading to Seaton’s arrest.

The brother was charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

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James Seaton (46)  James Seaton, life in prison


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