Jacqueline Queen

Jacqueline Queen (39)  Jacqueline Queen (30 Nov 2005)

Jacqueline’s battered body was found wrapped in a sheet by a person walking their dog. The pathologist who testified at the murder trial of James Seaton (46) said that Jacqueline (39) had suffered many serious injuries before her death (including injuries inflicted with a hammer and a 12″ knife), and that she may also have been alive but unconscious when Seaton attempted to saw off her head. Seaton then wrapped Jacqueline in a sheet, put her in a wardrobe and called his brother (John, 37) to help dispose of Jacqueline’s body. The pair later dumped Jacqueline on a grass verge in East Finchley, London where she was discovered by the dogwalker.

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Julie Hogg

Julie Hogg (22)  Julie Hogg (16 Nov 1989) 

Under the changes to the double jeopody law, Billy Dunlop, 43 has been jailed for life for the murder of Julie Hogg in 1989. She was aged just 22 when she was murdered, and had had a brief relationship with Dunlop.

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Chamlong Allen

Chamlong Allen  Chamlong Allen (27 April 2005)

Before her death Chamlong had told friends that her husband Irvin had beaten her in the past and that she was thinking of returning to her native Thailand. She had already left her husband several months before her murder, which was two days before a custody hearing about their three daughters. Chamlong received multiple stab wounds and her body was left in a lock-up garage. Her husband stood trial for her murder in February 2006, and was found not guilty of her murder due to lack of evidence. Irvin Allen was 6’5″, a former boxer and Bond-film actor.

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Rachel & Lillian Entwistle

Rachel Entwistle (27) and Lillian (9mths)
   Rachel & Lillian Entwistle (20 January 2006)

Rachel, an American, met her future husband (and murderer) whilst studying in the UK. Rachel, 27, and her nine month old daughter, Lillian, were shot in bed in the early hours of the 20th of January at their Massachusetts home. Neil Entwistle fled the US to the UK, where he was arrested. Although he initially refused to voluntarily return to the US to face the murder charges, he later agreed to return just a few hours after the extradition papers had been completed. He is currently awaiting trial in the US, where DNA and other evidence will be presented.

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Hayley Richards

Hayley Richards (23)  Hayley Richards & unborn child (5 June 2005)

Hayley Richards, 23, was murdered in her flat in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, in June 2005. She was murdered by her boyfriend of 10 months, 25 year old Hugo Quintas, who fled to Spain after the murder. He was subsequently brought back to the UK, tried and found guilty of Hayley’s murder and was sentenced to life in prison.

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Julie Harris

JULIE HARRIS [No photo available] (19 October 2004)

Julie Harris, 41, of River Leys, Cheltenham, had been subjected to 14 months of harassment by Andrew Millard. When Mrs Harris rang 999 to have him arrested, she was told the police had “other commitments”. Millard, 42, of Tewkesbury, admitted manslaughter, but denied murder in October 2004. Millard was found guilty (April 2005) and sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum tariff of 18 years.

During the trial, the court heard a chilling 999 call of Julie’s last moments as she screamed over and over again. Millard could be heard on five occasions shouting that he was “going to kill her.” Her 19-year-old daughter and boyfriend, who were both in the house, ran out and phoned the police.

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Tania Moore

Tania Moore (26)  Tania Moore showjumping
   Tania Moore (29 March 2004). The picture taken of Tania
   showjumping was two months before she was murdered.

Tania first met Mark Dyche at a Young Farmer’s Ball in 2002. Tania broke off her engagement to him in February 2003 as he was already two-timing her with one of her friends. It was after this that Dyche began his hate-campaign against Tania, which included threatening text messages and a hired assault that left her in hospital. She then stayed in London and it became obvious that he was monitoring her movements. On New Year’s Eve 2003, in a packed pub, Dyche threatened to kill her (which was reported to police). The night of her murder, which was carefully planned by Dyche, he bought a car, took a concealed route, and ran her car off the road on a country lane. Before Tania could get out of the car, he broke the driver’s side window and then shot her in the head. Ten years earlier Dyche had also threatened to kill his wife. Dyche received a life sentence for murdering Tania, but plans to appeal.

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