Rebecca Morgan

Rebecca Morgan  Rebecca Morgan (July 2007)

Mother of two, Rebecca Morgan (34), was stabbed by her husband, Steven Morgan (47) at their home. Morgan allowed Rebecca to bleed to death after the stabbing. The stabbing occurred after an argument.  At the time of writing, Morgan has been found guilty of her murder, and awaits sentencing.

UPDATE: Morgan has been sentenced to Life, with a minimum of 13 and a half years. See third article below.

The BBC (17 Mar 2008 )

Family ask man why he killed wife

The family of a murdered mother-of-two have called on her husband to tell them why he killed her.

Steven Morgan, 47, of Sandfields, Port Talbot, denied killing Rebecca Morgan, 34, but was found guilty of her murder at Swansea Crown Court.

The jury convicted him after hearing how he stabbed his wife through her heart at their home in July 2007.

Afterwards, her family asked Morgan, who will be sentenced later, to “be honest” about what happened that night.

During the trial, if was explained Morgan had spent hours rowing with his wife before he stabbed her and let her bleed to death.

In a joint statement released after the verdict, Rebecca’s father James McCollum, niece Hayley Thomson and sisters Michelle Thomson and Jacqueline Jones said the guilty verdict was no surprise to the family.

“Throughout this trial Steven Morgan has contradicted himself, has had selective memory lapses and has lied outright in order to hide from everyone what really happened on that night,” they said.

“If he had any decency at all he would have faced up to what he has done and accepted the consequences without the need to put his children through the awful ordeal of this trial after losing their mother,” the family statement added.

“Rebecca was a good wife and loving mother, she was a quiet, private person who kept herself to herself. Rather than show any remorse, Steven Morgan has added insult to injury regarding Rebecca’s memory.

“Ultimately, unless Steven decides to be honest about the events of that night we will never know exactly how or why Rebecca died.”

‘Further anguish’

South Wales Police said they were pleased with the verdict and they hoped it would help the victim’s family come to terms with their loss.

Acting Det Ch Insp Mike Cranswick said: “It has been a traumatic time for Rebecca’s family who have had to suffer the further anguish and considerable upset of a murder trial.

“I would like to thank all the prosecution witnesses and the investigation team for their hard work and commitment which has ensured the successful outcome.”

IC Wales (01 Mar 2008 )

Man was ‘very calm’ after wife’s stabbing

by Robin Turner, Western Mail

POLICE who arrested a man accused of murdering his wife after they rowed over their pet dog, said he was “very, very calm and not upset”, a jury heard yesterday.

At Swansea Crown Court, Steven Morgan, 47, denies murdering his wife Rebecca, 34, at their home in Sandfields, Port Talbot, last summer.

Paul Thomas, QC, prosecuting, alleges Morgan stabbed his wife in the heart then left her to bleed to death in an upstairs toilet.

Mr Thomas told the jury Morgan did not summon an ambulance straight away but instead telephoned his 80-year-old mother Marion Foley to tell her what happened. By the time the emergency services arrived on the scene Mrs Morgan was dead.

Yesterday, one of the first police officers to arrive at the home in Marine Close, PC Andrew Everson, said Morgan “was very, very calm and not upset”.

The court has heard Morgan told police he wanted to “get rid” of the couple’s pet dog which they had trouble toilet training, but his wife wanted it to stay.

He claimed to interviewing officers that after hours of rowing he flung open his arms in frustration, forgetting he was holding a knife, and accidentally stabbed his wife in the chest. The case continues.

The BBC (18 April 2008 )

Life for wife murder over dog row

A man who stabbed his wife to death has been jailed for life with a minimum term of 13-and-a-half years.

Steven Morgan, 47, said he attacked her in a “moment of anger” because she insisted their dog stay in the home despite its poor sanitary habits.

The Old Bailey in London heard the couple’s eight-year-old son tried to help his mother as she lay dying.

Morgan, of Port Talbot, admitted “tensions” following his 34-year-old wife Rebecca’s affair with his brother.

The couple, from the Sandfields area of Port Talbot, were married for 16 years and had two sons together, aged eight and 13.

Morgan stabbed his wife once in the heart with a kitchen knife on 8 July last year after a lengthy row, then slit his wrists.

He later admitted tensions had been “bubbling under” between them following his wife’s affair with his brother two years before.

His trial at Swansea Crown Court heard that he was unhappy with the dog because it was eating its own faeces.

He was found guilty of murder by a jury.

Mr Justice Saunders, sitting at the Old Bailey, said: “This is a truly tragic case. As a result of this defendant’s actions Rebecca is dead.

“His two sons had lost their mother and they are going to lose their father for a significant period of time.

“During the course of that argument he picked up a vegetable knife either from the sitting room or the kitchen and he stabbed his wife to the heart.

“The only other person in the house at the time was the defendant’s eight-year-old son.

“He had to attempt to help his mother as she lay dying and he also cleared up the blood in the house which came not only from the mother but from the defendant.

“This was an appallingly traumatic experience for this child.”

The judge accepted that it was an “unpremeditated and unplanned attack” which took place in a brief “moment of anger”.

Afterwards Alan Thomson, a member of the victim’s family, said: “The number of years he spends in prison is irrelevant in terms of the effect he had had on the family.

“He lied all the way through the trial and we still don’t know what happened that night, how Rebecca died, or why she died.

“He should be honest with us about what happened on the night so we know.”


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