Fiona May Erickson

Fiona May Erickson Fiona May Erickson (July 2007)

Fiona Erickson (47) a mother of two, had been dragged out of a vehicle driven by her husband, Andrew Erickson (then 45), after an argument. Horrified witnesses told how Erickson then drove around the roundabout, and ran over his wife as she lay on the road. Erickson admitted to manslaughter ‘due to provocation’ (which was rejected at sentencing) and was sentenced to seven years for her murder.

The BBC (11 Mar 2008 )

Taxi driver killed wife after row

A taxi driver who ran over his wife and killed her after she snapped off his rear view mirror during a row has been jailed for seven years.
Andrew Erickson, 46, of Cwmbran, Torfaen, lost his temper when his wife Fiona also deliberately snapped off the indicator arm while they were parked.

Erickson admitted manslaughter on the basis of provocation.

Judge Nicholas Cooke QC at Cardiff Crown Court said it was a “brutal killing”.

The court heard how the taxi driver stopped at a roundabout to drag his wife out of the Ford Mondeo and onto the road.

People in a following car watched in horror as Erickson got back into the car and slowly drove around a roundabout “aiming” the car at his wife lying in the road.

Erickson then drove home, tidied up his car and then rang a friend in a bid to come up with a “plausible explanation”, the court was told.

When police arrived at the couple’s home, two hours later he told them it had been an accident.

Prosecutor Winston Roddick told the court the couple had spent the night drinking with friends and became involved in an argument on their way home.

“As they rowed in the car on the way home she broke off the rear view mirror and the indicator arm,” he said.

“Erickson lost his temper and pulled his wife headfirst out of the driver’s side of the car.

“He got back into the white Ford Mondeo and drove round a roundabout and over her body.”

The court heard Erickson then drove home, tidily and carefully parked his car and meticulously placed his clothes and shoes in the wardrobe.

He then phoned a friend – not the emergency services – for a “plausible explanation”, Mr Roddick said.

He left a message saying: “I’ve got a mega problem, I think I ran Fiona over,” the court was told.

The court heard the couple’s four-year relationship had run into trouble when she began drinking heavily after her mother committed suicide.

The court heard that Mrs Erickson had been so drunk on the night she died she would have had difficulty getting up off the road.

He told police: “Once she started breaking the bits I thought ‘that’s it you’re out of the car'”.

Erickson had circled the roundabout before driving over her body.

Mrs Erickson’s daughter Donna Knowlton gave a victim impact statement to the court describing her mother as “a warm generous woman.”

She said: “I miss my mum very much – she was like a best friend to me.

“She was such a warm and loving woman. Not being able to speak to or see her is terrible.”

After sentencing Erickson to seven years in jail, Judge Cooke QC said he had committed a “grave crime”.

He said: “I’m satisfied this is a case culminative frustration and anger leading to loss of control. It does have to be borne in mind that you knew your wife had a drink problem.

“She was someone to be helped rather than be angry with.

“The fact that she damaged your car cannot be accept as provocation of a high order.”


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