This post has now been moved to its own page to alert you of any updates to the reports. I have decided to make one post per case, and to add the updates at the bottom of the post.

01 June 2008: Added Jane Lee

05 May 2008: Edited Rebecca Morgan

05 May 2008: Added Monika Szmecht

05 May 2008: Added Tracey Grinhaff

05 May 2008: Added Alison Lumsden

30 Mar 2008: Added Ryan Hawkins

30 Mar 2008: Added Liam Hogan

30 Mar 2008: Added Tina Longworth

30 Mar 2008: Added Fiona May Erickson

30 Mar 2008: Added Angela Parkes

30 Mar 2008: Added Rebecca Morgan

30 Mar 2008: Added Agnes Raffan

11 Nov 2007: My apologies for not having the time this year for maintaining this site, I will try to rekindle the blog. In the eight and half months I have let this lapse, around 70-75 women of all ages would have been murdered by a partner or ex-partner.

11 Nov 2007: Added Jane Wheatley & Gary Gardiner

11 Nov 2007: Added Evelyn Lund

11 Nov 2007: Added Diane Ingram

11 Nov 2007: Added Dorothy Carre

11 Nov 2007: Added Christine Johnson

26 Feb 2007: Updated Rachel & Lillian Entwistle (photos added) 

26 Feb 2007: Updated Julie Harris. 

26 Feb 2007: Added Rebecca Rice. 

06 Dec 2006: Added Nathan Tamar.

07 Nov 2006: Added Caitlin & Aiden Samuel. 

07 Nov 2006: Added Joanne Nelson.

06 Nov 2006: Added Caneze Riaz & her four daughters.

04 Nov 2006: Added Millie Hall.

02 Nov 2006: Update on Tania Moore.

02 Nov 2006: Update (expanded story & reports) on Vicky Horgan & Emma Walton


4 Responses to “Site UPDATES”

  1. m Andrea Says:

    I had no idea you were blogging again! The last time I clicked your name, it took me back to your old site. Glad you are doing it again!!

    Yes, you have done some seriously good work, Stormy!

  2. stormy Says:

    Thanks mAndrea.

    This blog has been going for quite a while off and on. Unfortunately, work sometimes gets in the way and I don’t get time to update it.

  3. journali5t Says:

    Hi stormy – I’m a journalist and my editor is very interested in talking to you about your story and your site. If you’d like to find out more, please drop me an email on

  4. tinyjayne Says:

    its fantastic work… 100% in support of this 🙂

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