Tania Moore

Tania Moore (26)  Tania Moore showjumping
   Tania Moore (29 March 2004). The picture taken of Tania
   showjumping was two months before she was murdered.

Tania first met Mark Dyche at a Young Farmer’s Ball in 2002. Tania broke off her engagement to him in February 2003 as he was already two-timing her with one of her friends. It was after this that Dyche began his hate-campaign against Tania, which included threatening text messages and a hired assault that left her in hospital. She then stayed in London and it became obvious that he was monitoring her movements. On New Year’s Eve 2003, in a packed pub, Dyche threatened to kill her (which was reported to police). The night of her murder, which was carefully planned by Dyche, he bought a car, took a concealed route, and ran her car off the road on a country lane. Before Tania could get out of the car, he broke the driver’s side window and then shot her in the head. Ten years earlier Dyche had also threatened to kill his wife. Dyche received a life sentence for murdering Tania, but plans to appeal.

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