Jane Wheatley & Gary Gardiner

Jane Wheatley (34) & Gary Gardiner (46) 
Jane Wheatley & Gary Gardiner (5 Nov 2007)

Jane Wheatley (34) and Gary Gardiner (46) were both found stabbed to death at her home in Sheffield on 5 November (Guy Fawkes night). Police were called to a disturbance at the house and made the discovery, arresting 51yo David Mirfin at the scene. Ms Wheatley has a three year old son (unconfirmed, but reported he was in the home at the time).

It appears that Ms Wheatley had separated from her partner (probably Mirfin) about a year before, and had since started a relationship with Mr Gardiner. There had been frequent disturbances at the premises involving the three of them. It is unknown if Mirfin is the father of the three year old boy.

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Evelyn Lund

Evelyn Lund (52)  Evelyn Lund (29 Dec 1999)

Britons Evelyn and Robert Lund met in 1994, and later moved to France to live. Evelyn Lund was the ‘wealthy’ widow of a property tycoon, Robert Lund was living in a caravan. On 1 January 2000, Lund reported his wife missing — with a story that she must have driven into the water after drinking with friends on 29 December. The two/three day gap between her ‘disappearance’ and his reporting her missing would have alerted even the most inexperience police officer of foul play.

Evelyn Lund’s body was found in her car 22 months after she went missing. The most damning evidence included lack of water in her lungs (indicating she had died prior to entering the water) and that the glasses she needed to drive were at the farmhouse.

Robert Lund was finally brought to trial in October 2007, and sentenced to 12 years for the murder of his wife. The primary motive for the murder seems to have been for financial gain.

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Diane Ingram

Diane Ingram (61)  Diane Ingram (13 Mar 2007)

Diane Ingram, 61 and mother of four, was brutally stabbed to death in an horrific attack and died on 13 March 2007. She had been married to Harold ‘Jim’ Ingram for over 40 years, and the day after she was murdered, was due to receive a £133,000 divorce settlement. Jim Ingram went on the run for several months, but is now currently on trial for her murder.

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Dorothy Carre

Dorothy Carre (56)  Dorothy Carre (Mar 1999)

The remains of Dorothy Carre (54) were discovered in February 2007 in the cellar of her last known address, eight years after she went missing. She had been abused during the four year relationship with Frederick Lawlor (54).

At the time Lawlor was charged and convicted of her murder, he was already incarcerated for a string of child rape offences, as well as having a history of a violent attacks on former girlfriends. Lawlor’s sentence was Life, with a minimum of 17 years, to run concurrently with his current child abuse sentence. I really have to question why the concurrent sentencing — Lawlor is a proven danger to females of all ages — he should NEVER be released.

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Christine Johnson

Christine Johnson (14 Aug 1998 ) [No photo available]

Christine Johnson was ambushed and attacked with CS gas and fatally stabbed by former boyfriend Owen Ernest Palmer (then a 50yo police constable), in her garden in Norwich. Palmer could not accept the break up of the relationship. Palmer currently remains in jail, with a perpetual life sentence, and a minimum 14 years.

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