Liam Hogan

Liam Hogan, sister Mia, and mother
Liam Hogan (6, died 15 Aug 2006) pictured with his sister Mia (then 2) who survived, and their mother Natasha

After an argument with his wife Natasha Hogan, John Hogan (33) took his two children onto the balcony of the holiday hotel in Crete, then pushed them off before jumping himself. Liam (6) died from head injuries as a result of the fall. Mia (then 2) survived with broken bones, as did John Hogan.

Hogan was put on trial in Crete and cleared of murder in January 2008, and is set to return to the UK soon. His ex-wife Natasha, now remarried and known as Mrs Visser, has called the preceedings in Crete a miscarriage of justice. At the UK inquest into Liam’s death, several witnesses have testified to the events of that evening, recalling that Hogan pushed the two children off the balcony, then leapt himself.

In a disturbing report, the psychiatrist treating John Hogan said his ex-wife (Natasha Visser) should be thinking about her own part in the story instead of blaming him. This is a most outrageous and unjust bit of woman-blaming.

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