Rachel & Lillian Entwistle

Rachel Entwistle (27) and Lillian (9mths)
   Rachel & Lillian Entwistle (20 January 2006)

Rachel, an American, met her future husband (and murderer) whilst studying in the UK. Rachel, 27, and her nine month old daughter, Lillian, were shot in bed in the early hours of the 20th of January at their Massachusetts home. Neil Entwistle fled the US to the UK, where he was arrested. Although he initially refused to voluntarily return to the US to face the murder charges, he later agreed to return just a few hours after the extradition papers had been completed. He is currently awaiting trial in the US, where DNA and other evidence will be presented.

Neil Entwistle (27) Neil Entwistle, awaits trial in US


2 Responses to “Rachel & Lillian Entwistle”

  1. dfranklin80 Says:

    We have started an annual fundraiser in the name of Rachel and Lilly to raise awareness and help fight domestic violence. 2009 being our first year, it is just the South Shore of Massachusetts. But we hope to expand next year to other areas and eventually into the UK.

    See the web-site html:\\www.Run-for-the-Roses.com

  2. stormy Says:

    Excellent, I wish you luck with the fund & awareness raising.

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