Monika Szmecht

Monika Szmecht (21)  Monika Szmecht (11 June 2007)

21 year old waitress Monika Szmecht was stabbed, set alight, and stabbed again by jealous ex-boyfriend Anthony Clarke (27). Before succumbing to her fatal injuries, Ms Szmecht managed to crawl 150 yards to a nearby cottage and name her attacker. Two other men were involved in Ms Szmecht’s kidnap and murder, both pled to lesser charges as the trial began. Clarke’s best friend, Philip Savin (29), helped to abduct Ms Szmecht, and along with Clarke’s uncle, David Clarke (46), both obstructed the murder investigation and disposed of evidence, both receiving very light sentences for their involvement (particularly Savin, who was on the run for a £26,000 theft from a lorry. Anthony Clarke has been jailed for a minimum 25 years. Clarke’s jealousy was completely unfounded.

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