Caitlin & Aiden Samuel

Caitlin Samuel (5) & Aiden Samuel (3)
   Caitlin & Aiden Samuel (05 Nov 2006) 

Catlin Samuel (5) and her brother Aiden Samuel (3) were found drowned at their home on Sunday. Caitlin and Samuel’s parents were separated, and their father Perry Samuel, who was babysitting the pair, was the only person in the home at the time.

Perry Samuel has been arrested and has now been charged with murder.

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Joanne Nelson

Joanne Nelson (22)  Joanne Nelson (13 Feb 2005) 

Joanne Nelson (22) was strangled by her boyfriend Paul Dyson (31), on 13th or 14th February 2005, after an argument over housework (one report does indicate that the argument may have been over splitting up). Dyson then drove 100 miles to dispose of Joanne’s body and made an elaborate cover up of her disappearance, including an emotional appeal on television. Dyson had a history of violence towards women, and had attacked his former wife on their wedding night – strangling her to the point of unconsciousness on that occasion.

Dyson eventually pled guilty to Joanne’s murder, and was sentenced to life imprisonment, with a minimum of 16 years.

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Caneze Riaz & daughters

Caneze Riaz (39)  Caneze Riaz (01 Nov 2006)

Sayrah Riaz (16)  Sophia Riaz (15)  Alicia Riaz (10)
Sayrah (16), Sophia (15), Alicia (10), Hannah (3) – no picture available.

Caneze Riaz (39) and her four daughters, Sayrah (16), Sophia (15), Alicia (10) and Hannah (3) all died from smoke inhalation in their beds on 1 November 2006, in Accrington, Lancashire. Investigators had quickly assessed that the fire was deliberately lit (accelerants used, and the fire started at multiple locations), and that the house had been locked from the inside. The only other occupant in the house, who was found in the bathroom was husband Mohammed Riaz (49), who died two days later in hospital from his injuries. The only surviving member of the family is Adam Riaz (17) who was in hospital receiving treatment for Leukaemia.

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Amelia ‘Millie’ Hall

Millie Hall (3)
   Amelia ‘Millie’ Hall (29 Nov 2005)

Amelia Hall (known as Millie) was murdered by her father just two days before her fourth birthday. Whilst this tragic story is unusual for the Domestic Violence Memorial, it is included as the motivations are the same as for many cases of domestic violence, that of jealousy and revenge. Millie was murdered by Hall to punish his wife for her infidelity.

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