Tina Longworth

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Tina Longworth was strangled on 08 January 1997 by her husband, Paul Simon Longworth (then 37), who then hung her body over a bannister in order to make it look like she had committed suicide. After murdering his wife, Longworth went to the local club for drinks in order to establish an alibi. Suspicions were aroused when it was revealed at autopsy that Mrs Longworth had 36 separate injuries on her body. Mrs Longworth had also accused her husband of raping her, and Longworth had even admitted to a friend that he had hit her. Tina Longworth left behind two children, Abby (then seven) and Matthew (then five), who were sleeping nearby at the time of their mother’s murder.

Longworth was sentenced to Life, with a minimum tariff of 14 years. A High Court ruling means he can asked to be freed in 2011.

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Fiona May Erickson

Fiona May Erickson Fiona May Erickson (July 2007)

Fiona Erickson (47) a mother of two, had been dragged out of a vehicle driven by her husband, Andrew Erickson (then 45), after an argument. Horrified witnesses told how Erickson then drove around the roundabout, and ran over his wife as she lay on the road. Erickson admitted to manslaughter ‘due to provocation’ (which was rejected at sentencing) and was sentenced to seven years for her murder.

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Angela Parkes

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Angela Parkes (49)  was stabbed to death by her husband of 28 years, Christopher Parkes (49). Parkes denies remembering stabbing his wife multiple times, but has been found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to six years. The family, although supportive of Parkes, are dissatisfied with the sentence.

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Rebecca Morgan

Rebecca Morgan  Rebecca Morgan (July 2007)

Mother of two, Rebecca Morgan (34), was stabbed by her husband, Steven Morgan (47) at their home. Morgan allowed Rebecca to bleed to death after the stabbing. The stabbing occurred after an argument.  At the time of writing, Morgan has been found guilty of her murder, and awaits sentencing.

UPDATE: Morgan has been sentenced to Life, with a minimum of 13 and a half years. See third article below.

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Agnes Raffan

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Agnes Raffan (58) was fatally stabbed in her home on 16 September 2007, by her husband, Peter Raffan (49). Raffan had been worried about repossession of the house, and blamed his wife for mis-managing the family finances. He plead guilty of culpable homicide on the basis of diminished responsibility and was sentenced to eight years.

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Jane Wheatley & Gary Gardiner

Jane Wheatley (34) & Gary Gardiner (46) 
Jane Wheatley & Gary Gardiner (5 Nov 2007)

Jane Wheatley (34) and Gary Gardiner (46) were both found stabbed to death at her home in Sheffield on 5 November (Guy Fawkes night). Police were called to a disturbance at the house and made the discovery, arresting 51yo David Mirfin at the scene. Ms Wheatley has a three year old son (unconfirmed, but reported he was in the home at the time).

It appears that Ms Wheatley had separated from her partner (probably Mirfin) about a year before, and had since started a relationship with Mr Gardiner. There had been frequent disturbances at the premises involving the three of them. It is unknown if Mirfin is the father of the three year old boy.

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Evelyn Lund

Evelyn Lund (52)  Evelyn Lund (29 Dec 1999)

Britons Evelyn and Robert Lund met in 1994, and later moved to France to live. Evelyn Lund was the ‘wealthy’ widow of a property tycoon, Robert Lund was living in a caravan. On 1 January 2000, Lund reported his wife missing — with a story that she must have driven into the water after drinking with friends on 29 December. The two/three day gap between her ‘disappearance’ and his reporting her missing would have alerted even the most inexperience police officer of foul play.

Evelyn Lund’s body was found in her car 22 months after she went missing. The most damning evidence included lack of water in her lungs (indicating she had died prior to entering the water) and that the glasses she needed to drive were at the farmhouse.

Robert Lund was finally brought to trial in October 2007, and sentenced to 12 years for the murder of his wife. The primary motive for the murder seems to have been for financial gain.

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